01. What ages can attend the holiday club?

We accept primary school children aged 4-12. If your child is four but has not yet started Reception year, then unfortunately we can not accept them.

02. How do I book SCL services? 

Our Holiday Club services are booked online using our simple, secure booking system.

03. Can I pay the club leader on the day?

We do not accept payment on the day at our clubs, all bookings are to be made online through our simple, secure booking system. This is to ensure that your child is included on our registers and that we have all the information we require.

04. Can I pay using childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept over 15 types of childcare voucher as payment for our clubs. For more information on paying with childcare vouchers please see our Childcare Vouchers page.

05. What will be the ratio of children to coaches?

For children aged four or five there will be one coach for every 8 children. For children above the age of five there will be one coach for every 16 children.

06. What training or qualifications do your staff have?

All of our staff hold DBS certificates and are first aid trained. The leaders at every site will hold a minimum of level 3 Playwork or PE & School Sport diploma and a level 1 Coaching Qualification in a specific sport.

07. My child has special educational needs, are your clubs suitable?

Our staff are trained to cater to additional needs however we ask that you get in touch to discuss your child’s specific needs prior to booking. You can call us on 0345 644 5747 or email

08. Can I get a refund if my child does/will not attend?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for bookings that are not fulfilled. The reason for this is that we staff our clubs based on the bookings we have received and therefore costs cannot be recouped for unfulfilled bookings. We do however offer a flexible booking system where bookings can be made up to the day before the club.

Exceptions may be made in circumstances of illness or injury, when a doctors letter may be requested.

09. Can my child attend selected days?

Yes, we are a flexible provider and bookings can be made for one day at a time, or entire weeks at once. The choice is yours.

10. What does my child need to bring on the day?

Your child will need to bring a refillable bottle of water, a packed lunch and a couple of snacks for the mid-morning and afternoon breaks. Our camps are nut-free zones so please check that the food your child brings does not contain nuts.

11. What should they wear?

Your child should come to our clubs dressed in comfortable and sensible clothing and footwear. We will be doing a number of indoor and outdoor activities and there may be occasions where children get a little messy!

If your child is booked onto Soccer School we strongly advise that they bring shin pads and recommend both boots and trainers to equip them for different playing surfaces.

Dependent on the weather, we ask that you send additional clothing such as a rain coat, jumper or sun hat to protect them from the elements!

12. What activity will my child be doing?

We have two programmes on our holiday clubs, Club Energy and Soccer School. If you have booked Club Energy, your child will be taking part in a range of indoor and outdoor team games, arts and crafts and will try new sports. Our Soccer School offers a full football programme in which your child will engage in skill drills, technique sessions and mini matches and tournaments.

13. Will food/drinks be provided?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide food at our holiday clubs, as we do not have access to kitchen facilities at our clubs. We therefore ask that your child brings a refillable bottle of water, a packed lunch and a mid-morning snack. Our camps are nut-free zones so please check that the food your child brings does not contain nuts.

14. Can we collect at any time during the day?

Our holiday clubs have two day lengths, Standard and Extended. The Standard day runs from 09:45 to 16:00 and the Extended from 08:00 to 18:00.
You are welcome to drop off your children late and collect them early. We ask that if you are dropping off late you notify our customer service team and if you plan to collect early you notify the site leader upon drop-off.

If you are running late to collect your child, please call our customer service team and they will notify the site leader. Please note that we reserve the right to charge a £5 fine for every 15 minutes after the designated collection time.

Our customer service team can be contacted on 0345 644 5747 or

15. How much time will the children spend outside?

We try to spend as much time outside as we can when the weather is suitable. Our clubs attempt to provide kids with some time away from screens during the holidays! In extreme hot or cold weather we are equipped to run our full programme indoors where required.

16. My children are in different age groups, can they stay together?

Yes, whilst we use age groups to ensure our activities are best suited to different ages, we are happy to let siblings stay together for the day if they wish.


Secure your child's place early. Our clubs have limited spaces available.